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GAVIN! You are not a dog! (The potty training Chronicles part 2)

About a month ago i took my 3 year old to the bathroom. Of course, like I wrote yesterday, he was convinced he did not have to go and was utterly surprised to find out he indeed need to tinkle.

He finished up, fought with me to put his pants back on and then we washed his hands and I left to another room to continue things I needed to get done for the day.

About 5 minutes passed and I noticed that the little man did not come bounding out of the bathroom like he usually did.

GAH! He must be playing with the sink again!

I walked to the bathroom and turned the corner.

As I did I saw my boy lowering his face into the toilet.


He bolted straight up obviously shaken by my response and replied with a sad face.

“I am thirsty”

I then gave him a lecture on cups, how we humans drink these days and the fact that he is indeed a boy and not a dog (although the length of his tongue seems to say otherwise).


Stay tuned for the The potty training Chronicles part 3 where there seems to be never a dull moment.


  1. yes…yes it is… don’t tell me your family of 6 hasn’t seen nasty! lol

  2. Heather Heather

    You don’t even want to know the levels of awesome that our family commode has achieved. Oh, the places your electric toothbrush can go… when finessed by the curious hands of a small child.

  3. THAT IS SOME FUNNY STUFF!!! I am so glad I have girls.

  4. hilarious, and I can totally relate to the “_________ what are you doing!?!” moments.

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