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I Don’t need to go Tinkle! (The potty training Chronicles part 1)

In the future episodes of the potty training chronicles we will explore what we have learned with each kid and then possibly delve into what it is like to train our daughter in the ways of the porcelain throne. Until then let me tell you about my three year old, Gavin who has been potty trained for a long time now.

It always amazes me that kids can pee on command. Sometimes they can even do it in places or times that should never be commanded, but that is for another day. We are a very routined family. We always wake up at the same time (well before most people) and the kids go to bed well before most families do. We also have the kids use the bathroom after they wake up, before they go to bed and before any trip longer than 5 minutes. Gavin hates this! He is convinced he never has to go to the bathroom.

One day we were headed out to something. I don’t remember what we were doing (too much diet coke), but I do remember it was time for him to use the bathroom.

“Gavin… go potty.” I said

“I don’t have to go potty!” he replied.

We decided, as father and son, to repeat those two lines 4 more times and then I picked him up and brought him to the toilet.

He stood in front of the toilet and began to chant.

“Please don’t tinkle, Please don’t tinkle, Please don’t tinkle….”

He chanted and dared his body to disobey.

“Please don’t tinkle, Please don’t tinkle, Please don’t tinkle….”

and then… then he let it go and right as he went he said…

“Please don’t tink…… WWHHAATT!!! hrmph”

One of the funniest moments of that little man’s life.

stay tuned for “The potty training Chronicles part 2”


  1. Heather Heather

    YESSSSS! I have a standing deal with my kids: if I tell them to “go” and they say they don’t have to I make them take a seat on the throne and recite the alphabet (they usually make it to C or D) . Our 4 year old once “let go” when we got to letter P so now it’s her thing to say the alphabet and hold out for P. Too much information? I thought so…. Hey, this is my life as a fellow parent of 4.

  2. peg arrington peg arrington

    preaching to the choir. LOL. J (4.5yo) never has to go either and has done the equivalent of that chant many times, while crying after I’ve insisted it’s time.

  3. @heather – ha ha!!! thats awesome. my favorite part of Gavin screaming WHAT!!! is that he was soo surprised that his body did not do what it was commanded to do.

    @peg – yeah it seems the potty may be the most stressful thing on the planet.

  4. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from childhood:”Half your problem is you need to go to the bathroom”.

    This also reminds me of how I get borderline panic attacks when I take the kids out. We have three girls and one boy. I always dread having to take them to the restroom because the 4 Yo may require special treatment that I am not “equipped” to dash into the ladies room to address.

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