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Welcome into the Lives of Joel & Kelly Klampert and their 4 amazing kids.
Joel has been expressing his thoughts and life through his personal blog, but then something happened. he saw a million “mommy blogs” pop up and they were very cool. He told his wife, Kelly, “I should start a daddy blog”. He was all set to do it and then decided that he and kelly should do a blog together. The mommy blogs are full of such cool crafty ideas, amazing scrapbooking, and genius ideas. They are not that family. They are ordinary and yet their life is extraordinary! In their almost 19 years of marriage they have learned much about what not to do and a great amount about how to succeed as well. Join them on the journey!

A little about the Klamperts:

Kelly Klampert:
Kelly is a wonderful mother and extremely beautiful inside and out.  She is wildly engaging with people and somehow does a much better job than her husband at staying sane. Kelly is a home health Occupational Therapist to children ages 0-3. She is a talented musician as well; playing guitar, piano, and flute. She loves to be with her family more than anything else.

Joel Klampert:
Joel is a stay at home dad, a work from home dad, and Co-Pastor at Ember Church. Joel does graphic design to pay bills, but also is a blogger,Devourer of books. Music Snob. Designer. Admirer of beauty. Proud Apple addict. Wishes he was Batman, illustrator. Experience architect. Worshiper. Innovator. Visionary steeped in the ancient and drawn to the future. Curator of useless information. Hopelessly flawed. Defined by grace. Joel loves his family, but is no where near as good as his wife about not going crazy.

The Crew:
Tristan, Collin, Gavin, Morgan

Their story:
To be blogged but here is a synopsis. They have known each other for 21 years. They dated for 3 weeks and then got engaged. Now married for almost 19 years they are still in love and trying their best to make everything in life work.

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