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Shadow doesn’t have to die! Jesus did…

Saturday Sept 27th 2011 started as a typical day with bustling kids and crazy antics. We had some cleaning to do because while I try to be a great husband I am a horrible housewife. My kids tried to help, but there were too many things that created frustration. Next thing we know my 10 year exploded with fury. He was on the verge of spontaneous combustion like the drummer in “This is Spinal Tap”, so I sent him out of the room to get his brain working right again. He came back with more angst and this time I gave him my ipad2 with youversion opened to the love chapter and told him to go read it and tell me what it means. He returned and had no clue so I sat down with him and asked him verse by verse if he is showing love to his family or if he is doing what the Word said not to do. The conclusion was eye opening to him that not only does he get mad really easy but he also has no clue how to love in action.

After he apologized to my wife, Kelly, she grabbed him and his 6 year old brother and sat them down to talk with them. She told them that they cannot truly love without God’s help and they need to ask Christ in their hearts. I was ready for a standard salvation speech and what I got was pure genius. Kelly told them that Jesus is our bridge to God and that we need Him. She told them that in the old days people would present animals as sacrifices and that Jesus came to save us and replace that so He would be our bridge and sacrifice. Then she said something that blew them away and their eyes opened in shock and made them listen even more intently.

“Because Jesus came and He is our Bridge we can choose to accept him as our savior and we no longer have to kill our pets.”

Our cat, Shadow, was sitting right there with us and it sank in… they were floored and somehow understood that Christ came so all can live… Even annoying black cats!

It was that day…regardless of the motivation of saving a pet… and regardless of 100% understanding (because God knows I still don’t get it)… My two oldest asked Christ in their hearts with a simple prayer. God is good and I am so glad I have a wife who is so loving to her family. It is amazing that a dark and seemingly horrible day can turn into a joyous day of thanksgiving.

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