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If you build it they will come

In one of the all time classic movies, “Field of Dreams”, there is a whisper that comes from the corn fields.
“If you build it they will come”
The main character follows the instruction of the voice and builds a ball field. He creates it just perfectly and then waits to see if anything will happen. Of course what happens, if you have seen it, is ghosts of ball players come out of the field to play ball.

He prepared a place for them and believed they would show up. They did.

I remember being in High School and honestly one of my greatest dreams was being with a woman for the rest of my life. Second of course was to be a famous comic book artist. I remember preparing the “field” of my heart with lists of what I would look for in a woman. I had sworn off dating because I felt like it was worthless and told God to bring me somebody.

My list went something like this:

  • Needs to love God
  • Wants kids
  • Must be hot
  • needs to be smart
  • fun
  • great sense of humor

Over the years my list changed and things were crossed off the list. The items I crossed off in my mind had everything to do with my own self image. I figured most on the list made sense but my future wife being hot? Yeah I didn’t see that happening. I was pretty sure I would end up with a woman with a “great personality”. I was certain the person for me was a person I would not be attracted to.

Then I met Kelly. She was way out of my league and met all the original criteria. This alone made me write her off my list. God had a different plan.

Thankfully God gives us the desires of our heart and His decisions for our life are not nullified by our own perceptions of what we think we deserve. He has a plan to prosper us, a plan to make us happy and whole regardless of how we feel.

I am married now to a woman who met all the criteria I had originally built in my “field of dreams”. She is just as flawed as I am and yet perfect for me because God made her the missing piece of the puzzle.

What are you dreaming of?
Are you letting your small mind limit the greatness of God?

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  1. fagankela fagankela

    I’m liking this man… Now everyone will see the softer side of Joel Klampert. Lol

  2. William Ferree William Ferree

    Glad you never crossed hot of your list. Keep this for when they become teens, you will likely need some encouragement then.

  3. Laura Peck Laura Peck

    Joel, really. It’s sweet that you are attracted to your wife, but you make it sound like winding up with someone who is less than hot would be a fate worse than death. Sure glad God saved you from that! Speaking for plain girls everywhere, we’re glad you got the hot-out-of-your-league girl and didn’t have to “settle” for one of us.

  4. Laura… totally understand your thought process on this.
    However it was not a issue of hot versus plain… it was an issue that I was concerned I would not find my wife hot. attractiveness is subjective. BEcause of this get your last line but I am afraid that is no where near the thought I was writing on. I specifically say the desire your heart…or my heart because God knows what I will love and what is best for me and that is different for everybody.
    and truth is… ending up with somebody I was not attracted to would be frustrating to me…and God brought me a wife I am attracted to on many levels… I pray that it is the same for you and Matt.

  5. Matt Peck Matt Peck

    Sure is, bro

  6. Laura Peck Laura Peck

    I get where you’re coming from, but I’m just letting you know how you came across, at least to me. But I’m not a guy, so I don’t know what is like to struggle with this issue. (Never worried about getting a hot wife, personally) I guess this was more a story of a personal journey where you matured into the knowledge that, as trite as it sounds, beauty comes from within. Not trying to put words in your mouth, though.

  7. I am all for putting words in my mouth if they are good ones… so THANKS!

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