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Fire Crows

My sister and I are less than two years apart, so growing up on a farm with no other people around, we became playmates. We were allowed to play outside by ourselves as long as we did not go past the barn. My sister has a brilliant imagination and one day thought it would be great to explore the world beyond the barn. It was a rather uninteresting world with a small meadow and thin group of trees, but we had never been over there. My sister started to make up a story that required us to use stealth and investigate our surroundings. She created a being so horrible that even the most strong of heart would grow faint-the Fire Crows. You could not see the fire crows, they lived in the trees and would only come out when you turned your back to them. When you did turn your back to them, they would swoop down from the trees reigning fire balls down on you and would try to carry you away with their sharp talons to eat you for dinner or feed you to their young.  As we walked across the meadow toward the trees, our fear and apprehension mounted (some from the fire crow, but mostly from the knowledge that we were treading on forbidden territory). The story of the fire crows became more intense as we edged closer to the trees and the fire crows began to grow in size from a small bird to a gigantic monster. My sister became more and more animated about her story and it became very real to both of us. We teased the fire crows by turning our backs on the trees to make them appear then quickly turning to face the trees lest they fly out to get us. The story went on for what seemed like forever when suddenly, my sister starts yelling, “Run!!! The fire crows are coming!!!!” My sister has always been faster than me so I knew I was done for (not sure if I was more scared of the fire crows or of my mother for disobeying her). I made it almost back to the barn where I dissolved into a puddle of tears and snot. My mom came running out of the house to my rescue and thankfully I was not reprimanded (but my sister was!!!!!). The fire crows went back to their home in the trees and I had a glass of water. My sister, well, let’s just say she didn’t want to sit down for a while. I miss you like crazy, Dallas!


  1. That is too funny! Is your sister a writer? My sister never made up stories like that, and my brother and I, who are less than 2 yrs apart, usually stayed on the straight and narrow…when we were together. (Independently he got himself in LOTS of trouble!)

    I hope my kids find themselves doing stuff together, good or bad, and have the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime!

  2. Heather Heather

    LOVE IT!!! My girls have very vivid imaginations and I can’t count the number of times that I have caught them weeping with sincerity or laughing with gusto over the plights of their stuffed animals, littlest pets or Barbies. Every now and again I hear someone bawling and just before I play good cop/bad cop and break up the scene I realize that they are role playing (quite convincingly) in the marvelous land of Make Believe.

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