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Anger Management

Yesterday afternoon, Joel took Tristan to swim and I took the other three outside to play. Gavin and Morgan made a bee line straight for the pool while Collin asked me to play tennis with him. Neither one of us have the greatest hand eye coordination when it comes to hitting a small yellow ball with as much force as possible directly to the other person without it going into the neighbors yard. So, needless to say, the ball ended up in our neighbors yard multiple times. Since the little ones were in the pool, I couldn’t leave the yard which meant Collin had to. He was so frustrated that it took all the fun of playing away. I told him that by being so upset he was going to miss out on a lot of fun things.
Fast forward to this morning, I was using the ipad to place a peapod order. I am very lazy and want everything to be easy. I am also not going to investigate technology to look for an easier way to accomplish my online goals. If it isn’t there I not going to look for it. I got so frustrated that the touch screen wouldn’t do what I wanted it to. I thought back on what I told Collin last night and I realize how much I am missing out on just by being and getting frustrated by very miniscule things. My prayer today-God, continue to show me the beauty around me, help me to show your beauty to those around me, forgive me for my bad attitude. Let me be a blessing to the people I come into contact with. In Jesus’ name


  1. We certainly get caught up in our first world problems, don’t we?

  2. Yep, you’re talking to me now!

  3. Heather Heather

    Totally had the same revelation (or repeating revelation) tonight…to let the little things go..ugh

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